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Individual Therapy

Individual therapy typically takes the form of one-to-one sessions between client and therapist. There is a large misconception that therapy is only for individuals experiencing severe psychological difficulties. Therapy can be accessed for a range of reasons; working through emotional distress, understanding one’s unhealthy thought and behavioural patterns and developing emotional resilience are just some of the reasons why clients access therapy.

Utilising a fitting approach, according to the client’s needs, I endeavour to empower the client and provide the client with healthy skills and strategies to better navigate through life. The therapeutic process takes place in a safe and non-judgmental space, and everything that the client shares in the space remains confidential.

Workshops & Training

In today’s era, encouraging discussions on mental health and wellbeing is key to a thriving and successful organisational culture. By developing and conducting bespoke workshops and training programs, we can build greater awareness around topical issues and foster mental wellbeing in the environment. Working alongside organisations, these workshops and training promote staff wellbeing and provide tools and resources to equip individuals to manage their own distress and help others.


Consultant psychologists provide psychological inputs and knowledge, guidance, and technical assistance to individuals, businesses and organisations. Consultant psychologists work closely with individuals in leadership roles, mapping out organisational dynamics from a psychological standpoint. This understanding drives the creation of a plan for how to effectively communicate information, implement changes and support employees in the environment. The consultant acts as an objective and empathic observer — facilitating the process and outcome of the actions to be productive, cohesive, fair and satisfactory for all parties.